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It’s Complicated and Perfectly Cluttered

This is my first entry under the new category of “Favorite Rooms.”  This category is for all those homes I see in movies that I love and make me think, “I could live there.”   While I like to focus on historic and famous furniture design and architecture, sometimes a good room is just, well, good.  So, it’s a little selfish, but hey, why not share?  And as I started to research Meryl Streep’s character’s house in the movie It’s Complicated, the more I realized – or so I hope – that perhaps this isn’t a selfish entry at all.  A lot of other people have written about Jane’s house and how fabulous it is too.  So, if you share our sentiment, let me know.

The exterior of Jane's house

Jane, who is now divorced from Jake, still lives in the family’s house in Santa Barbara, California.  The Spanish Eclectic style of the exterior of the house is common in the Santa Barbara area, and was probably built sometime between 1915 and 1940.

The first view we see of Jane's kitchen

But, I think it’s the interior of her house that turned me into a fan.  I love that it’s cluttered and yet clean, how warm and inviting it is and how much it makes me feel at home; it’s just like how a mom’s house should look.  I like the color palette and how the background surfaces of the walls, floors, trim and furniture remain neutral in creams, whites and natural wood tones.  The color in the room, and its warmth is in the bursts of color in the seat cushions, the table runner, plants, paintings and the food.  And it’s those bursts that bring a vibrancy to the space.

Another view of Jane's kitchen

I like how even though there is something everywhere you look, it’s all organized and it feels like everything is in its place – kind of like the story line of the movie.  It’s complicated, but it’s just as it should be.  I just can’t imagine why Jane wants to have an architect come in and redo the whole thing!  (Don’t worry, if you haven’t seen the movie, I haven’t spoiled anything.)

Here are some of my fellow bloggers who are also loving this house!   Cathy Whitlock has written about the set in Traditional Home and has an amazing design blog of her own about movies called Cinema Style.  Rooms to Rave About and Design-59 also love it and Remodelista will show you how to copy the look.  Beth Rubino was the set decorator for this film as well as Nancy Meyers’ movie, Something’s Gotta Give.  Nancy Meyers also directed The Holiday, which, no joke, is going to be my next entry in this new category for me.  If there’s a little English cottage in the movie, I’m going to love it.


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